Oct 21
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Now's the time to join one of the best private clubs in the Capital District!
So, you think you could never afford a private club.  Well, think again.  Van Schaick is a small, private club that prides itself on informality and a friendly atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable. Above all, we are proud of our golf course.  Located on a beautiful island setting where the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers meet, the course is meticulously maintained by one of the best superintendents in the area.  Golfers familiar with our course will tell you that you won't find better greens anywhere. Anywhere.
VSICC 3rd Green
But it's a 9-hole course.  Yes, but that shouldn't hold you back. We have two sets of teeing areas, one for the front 9 and  one for the back 9.  Try it and see what we mean.  And, if you are concerned about how long the course is (Who isn't?),we have 3 sets of tees including back, middle and front.  Take your pick.
Fall Splendor.jpg
So, what does all this cost?  We are extending the "2 for 1" program into the 2015 season. What that means for you is that you can play unlimited golf for half the full single or family price.  And.....you can get started early.  Pay $500 now and you can play all you want for the rest of this season.  And the kicker is that that $500 counts toward your 2015 dues.  What does that add up to?  Using our 2014 dues structure, a single golfer, under the "2 for 1" program pays $1,625 plus tax; a family pays $2,025 plus tax. (2015 rates have not been set yet.) You play as much as you want for the season.  After that, we hope you decide to become a full-paying member.  Fair enough.  Click on the Membership tab above for details of all membership categories and related charges. Want to take a test drive? No problem. Just call our resident PGA pro, Luke Scala, at (518) 237-6127 and he will arrange a round on us.
Questions?  Contact us by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or call the club office at 237-0145.
Listen to our own Tom Judd talking about membership on the Roger Wyland Show on September 23rd on Fox Sports Radio 980 AM Click here